Past events

18 Dec

IGF 2017 Panel: Is the Gig Economy Working for Developing Countries?

As part of the Internet Governance Forum 2017 held in Geneva December 17-21, the FoWiGS initiative organized the panel "Is the Gig Economy Working for Developing Countries?". The panel brought current research and relevant stakeholders to discuss how work is changing in the age of AI and the emergence of digital labor platforms, and how different stakeholders (workers, governments, civil society, industry) are responding to these changes. The panel was co-organized by Hernan Galperin (USC/DIRSI) and Helani Galpaya (LirneAsia), and included academics, policymakers and private sector representatives.

15 Jun

Event Summary: Digitization and the Future of Work workshop

On June 15-16, 2017, IDRC hosted an event titled “Digitization and the Future of Work: Building a development-oriented research agenda’”. The purpose of this event was to convene key stakeholders and thought leaders from across academia, government, industry and multilateral organizations to examine the social, economic, and ethical implications posed by two interrelated trends: 1) the increasing automation of routine jobs, and 2) the emergence of online platforms that facilitate part-time, non-standard labor arrangements.