Dialogues on the Future of Work in the Global South: South and South East Asia perspective

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During August 6th and 14th , the Dialogues on the Future of Work in the Global South: Narratives from South and South East Asia arrive.

Experts from Asia will join CIPPEC and Just Jobs in a series of conversations around the challenges and opportunities that the region will face about the Future of Work. 

Stay tuned for the activities coming where our experts discuss their views on the Future of Work.

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About the regional dialogues

Over the past decade, the Global South has produced much research and data on the future of work. However, this knowledge is still fragmented and not easily accessible to policy makers and public opinion.

The Dialogues aim to take stock of the vast existing knowledge about the future of work from developing countries perspectives to add diversity and context to the standard global narrative of the future of work that can feed the right policy frameworks for governments in the Global South.

To pursue that, CIPPEC, coordinator of FoWiGS, in partnership with African Economic Research Consortium (Sub-Saharan Africa), Economic Research Forum (Middle East and North Africa), Red Sur (Latin America) and Just Jobs (Asia) will hold a total number of 24 dialogues that will bring together more than 75 Global South experts from the academia, and civil society to join the discussions and contribute with welcome heterogeneous perspectives about the future of work.

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