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Concordia Annual Summit: The future of work in Latin America. Towards a context-based narrative

23 September -


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Taking place each September, the Concordia Annual Summit convenes a powerful roster of cross-sector leaders to spark dialogue, inspire change, and transform conversation into action. With a long-standing reputation of hosting the largest and most inclusive non-partisan global affairs forum, Concordia’s Annual Summit fosters an international community and identifies avenues for collaboration between sectors, industries, and geographies.

Maintaining its position as the premier global affairs forum alongside the UN General Assembly, this year’s Annual Summit will take place both digitally and in person. Convening the top movers and shakers of today’s world—including global C-suite executives, politicians, nonprofit leaders, and entrepreneurs—our 11th Annual Summit will seek to pave the path toward a more sustainable future.

About the FOWIGS panel

Artificial Intelligence and other advanced ICTs are dramatically changing the way we produce, consume, and trade. What opportunities, challenges, and threats does the current industrial revolution pose for the world of work? Are we headed to a dystopic future where humans compete for work against robots, or can we manage to adapt institutions and skills quickly enough to allow workers to complement technology rather than competing against it? While the developed world implements comprehensive plans to achieve the latter outcome, the Latin American region also needs to direct actions to avoid a third frightful scenario: the status quo.

The region cannot afford to fear technological change and miss out on the opportunity for development brought by the fourth industrial revolution. There is evidence in place signaling challenges that the region needs to address to allow for more extended and diffused technological change, but these pieces of knowledge belong to different research fields and are still largely unsystematized. Without a narrative making sense of such diverse and complex issues, Latin America is at risk of misdiagnosis, with important consequences for policy design and implementation. With this in mind, this panel of experts from the fields of technology, skills, institutions, and labor markets aims to discuss the fundamentals of a Latin American specific narrative on the future of work.


Meet the panelist

Ramiro Albrieu – Principal Researcher at CIPPEC (moderating)

Joao Carlos Ferraz – Professor at Instituto de Economia, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

Matias Busso – Lead Economist at the Inter-American Development Bank

Irene Brambilla – Researcher at the Center for Distributive, Labor and Social Studies (CEDLAS), National University of La Plata


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