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What Works Global Summit 2021: Evidence for Development

22 October -


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Future of Work in the Global South: the “knowledge narrative policy” approach

The October 22, FOWIGS will carry out the panel “Future of work in the Global South: the knowledge-narrative policy approach” at the What Works Global Summit 2021: Evidence for Development, jointly organized by Global Development Network (GDN) and Campbell Collaboration. The Summit will take place from October 18 to 27, 2021 virtually and will count with more than 400 participants, from a diverse group of researchers, policy makers, representatives of international organizations, civil society, development professionals and the private sector.

The panel will discuss the importance of regional research, perspectives and narratives on the future of work that represent the challenges and opportunities of developing countries to take advantage of the window of opportunity represented by the fourth industrial revolution. Too often, policy frameworks that aim to be global fail to capture aspects about the Global South, with important implementation and impact consequences. The cause of this phenomenon may have more to do with the lack of powerful narratives to systematize research and guide policy than with the absence of knowledge and data. We present our experience on the topic of the future of work (FoW), where a powerful global narrative is gaining attention. Challenging this narrative, we have identified key specific features related to technology adoption, skills, institutions, demography, and inequality, which should be considered when thinking about FoW evidence relevant to Global South policymakers. To capitalize vast available research specific to these countries, we propose a novelty approach based on taking stock of knowledge and building our own FoW evidence-based narrative, which can, in turn, frame policy in Global South countries.

The panel will be moderated by Megan Ballesty, coordinator of the initiative and the Economic Development Program of CIPPEC, and will have the participation of referents from the Global South: Ramiro Albrieu, principal investigator of the initiative and of the Economic Development Program of CIPPEC (Latin America) ; Sabina Dewan, President and CEO of JustJobs Network (Asia); Ibrahim Elbadawi, Managing Director of the Economic Research Forum (Middle East & North Africa); and Njuguna Ndungu, Executive Director of the African Economic Research Consortium (Sub-Saharan Africa).


The event will be carried out on the HOPIN platform and will be transmitted by streaming on YouTube.

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