Heterogeneous voices, collective and engaging conversations to contribute to policy frameworks from and for developing countries.

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Global Solutions Summit 2021: Building a better future of work through good jobs and upskilling Watch the Global Solutions Summit 2021 panel on “Building a better Future of Work” with the participation of Ramiro Albrieu, FOWIGS' lead coordinator.


Concordia Annual Summit: The future of work in Latin America. Towards a context-based narrative
23 September -

Co-hosted by CIPPEC


Dialogues on the Future of Work in the Global South: Sub-saharan africa perspective

29 June - 1 July

Co-hosted by CIPPEC, African Economic Research Consortium Experts from Africa will join CIPPEC and the African Economic Research Consortium (AERC) in a series of conversations around the challenges and opportunities that the region will face about the..


Work is changing rapidly. Learning to navigate the changes will benefit us all. IDRC has launched FOWIGS—a research program that will help understand how these changes are affecting the lives of the most vulnerable and suggest pathways for an inclusive digital future. The challenges are large and the questions are complex. But we need to face them now more than ever. Stay connected. Learn how.