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Southern perspectives on global changes. Navigate through all our work and explore the research and policy analysis on the interplay between technological change and labor markets in the emerging world.

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Future of Work in the Global South: Digital Labor, New Opportunities and Challenges

September 2021

Diego Alonso Aguilar   Roxana Barrantes, Aileen Aguero, Onkokame Mothobi, Tharaka Amarasinghe

This new document with partner studies the barriers to digital labor market participation, characterizing digital workers and focusing on gender and social inequalities in the Global South.

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Digital platforms: a qualitative approach to the labor conditions in Peru

September 2021

  Joaquín González

This paper presents the results of the qualitative study that aimed to describe and analyze the main features that drivers’ working conditions acquired as a result of their participation in digital platforms in Peru.


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