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Southern perspectives on global changes. Navigate through all our work and explore the research on the interplay between technological change and labor markets in the emerging world.


Growing Educational Gaps in Latin America: How to Avoid the Most Lasting Scar from COVID-19

February 2022

  Nora Lustig, Guido Neidhöfer, Mariano Tommasi

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Digital platforms: a qualitative approach to the labor conditions in Peru

February 2022

  Joaquín González

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Book release “Cracking the future of work. Automation and labor platforms in the Global South”

January 2022



Body Temperature and Key Strokes: COVID-19 and changing systems of worker monitoring in India. Early Insights from a Live-tracker

February 2022

Urvashi Aneja   Harsh Ghildiyal, Joanne D’Cunha

This new paper examines the challenges and risks related to the use of digital technologies to test and monitor worker health and productivity in India.


Remote work and inequality in a pandemic world

February 2022



Work is changing rapidly. Learning to navigate the changes will benefit us all.

IDRC has launched FOWIGS—a research program that will help understand how these changes are affecting the lives of the most vulnerable and suggest pathways for an inclusive digital future. The challenges are large and the questions are complex. But we need to face them now more than ever. Stay connected. Learn how.


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